Immersive cooling

Sustainabillity projects

Nordic Hub Data Centers in Oslo (NHDC) arranged an event where new solutions were demonstrated. Immersive cooling or liquid-based cooling from Submer as well as new solutions for air humidification and noise reduction etc. gathered many curious people. In addition, Nextron AS held a presentation on new server solutions from Supermicro.

Immersive cooling by NHDC
Immersive cooling was demonstrated for real.

Liquid-based cooling can result in significantly lower operating costs

Liquid-based cooling reduces power consumption for computer equipment and makes it easier to recover heat. Equipment that is not designed for liquid-based cooling can usually be easily modified for this. A rack with liquid-based cooling can typically handle up to 100 KW of heating power.

Noise reduction and correct humidity are important

Humidity is important to reduce the build-up of static electricity and increase the cooling effect in a data center. Noise from computer equipment is a nuisance for operating personnel and the surroundings.
NHDC presented a plant-based prototype for the reduction of noise, dust and proper air humidification.

About NHDC

Nordic Hub Data Centers AS (NHDC) was established by people with a long experience in the data center industry. On the team we have people who have worked for the biggest and most serious players in the market such as Basefarm, DigiPlex, Song Networks/TDC, etc. for a number of years.
NHDC attaches great importance to the reuse of materials and environmental measures.



Nordic Hub Data Centers AS (NHDC) er etablert av mennesker med lang fartstid i datasenterbransjen. Med på laget har vi folk som sammen har jobbet hos for og sammen med de største og mest seriøse aktørene i markedet som Basefarm, Stack Infrastructure/NTC Services/Blix Solutions/Storespeed/Song Networks/TDC, etc. gjennom en årrekke.


NHDC legger stor vekt på gjenbruk av materiell og miljøtiltak.