We at Nordic Hub Data Centers (NHDC) are inspired by the UN’s sustainability goals and have a particular focus on improvements in the following areas:

NHDC has a conscious reuse strategy and is modernizing existing infrastructure and buildings with the intention of reducing our CO2 footprint onwards. Our generators will run on fossil-free fuel that is ISCC EU certified. Documented on traceability and sustainability. The fuel does not cause deforestation, and is not in conflict with food production. The fuel is a Fair trade product.
All our data centers are located in cities or near-urban areas that simplify and shorten travel, and are close to public transport.

Social responsibility

We shall be active in the local environment and are available to schools, universities or research parks and others who want to know and learn more about data centers and the technologies used.

Our guarantee

As a customer with us, you shall always be heard.
We keep what we promise, and we will ensure that you as a customer and your end customers are satisfied with our services. We have an “open book” policy and as a customer you get insight into the technical infrastructure, maintenance reports, deviations and future projects.
We want to share our experience so that together we have the opportunity to develop and become even better.

About NHDC

Nordic Hub Data Centers in Oslo has been established by people with a long experience in the data center industry. On the team we have people who have worked for the biggest and most serious players in the market such as Basefarm, DigiPlex, Song Networks/TDC, etc. for a number of years.
NHDC is conscious of the importance to reuse of materials and environmental measures.