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Your challenges - our solutions

Solutions you need

Co-lo Racks

You can place your own rack or rent up to 48U high racks in a shared environment.

NHDC co-lo data racks come as standard with two independent power supplies.

Custom UPS power and separate fire extinguishing in one or more racks, available on request.

  • We offer balanced security

We offer our customers 24/7 access to their own racks. Users receive a personal access solution; biometric solutions can be  provided on request. This double access control layer is present at several levels in our data centers or will be implemented as required.

  • We are carrier-neutral

NHDC’s data centers are network neutral. As a customer, you can therefore choose which network provider (s) you want to use to connect your equipment. We offer connections to suppliers and / or other racks at a one-time setup price.

  • We adapt to your needs

NHDC considers your different needs and requirements.
In our data centers you can choose racks with low density (3 KW) or racks with higher density ( 30 KW +).

Buying whole racks gives you more flexibility and usually a lower price. You can also pay a fixed price per rack, 1/4 or 1/2 rack per month. Other costs such as electricity and the Internet depend on your consumption, which you can monitor yourself. Customers can also choose an “all inclusive” solution. Then you pay a fixed price per month for your energy consumption.

Private rooms and HSM/PCI DSS ready modules

In NHDC’s data centers, you can choose to rent private rooms so that your equipment is completely separated from other customers. Private rooms can, if required, be equipped with their own UPS, cooling and fire extinguishing for even further separation.

  • Private rooms have security benefits

For private rooms, only authorized personnel from your company or appointed service provider have 24/7 access to the room. This guarantees a higher level of security. Your administrators can work in peace and quiet in the private rooms. Perform a server configuration or lay data cables between the racks? No problem!

  • Tailored to your needs

The rooms are available from 4 to 60 racks with flexible power consumption and density. With this scalable solution, your IT infrastructure can easily grow or shrink in in line with your business requirements.

  • Cost saving

Private rooms can be supplied with a separation between cold and hot zone (enclosure of warm hallway or rack). Thanks to this energy-efficient cooling of your equipment, you save costs on energy consumption!

  • You do not pay monthly for X-connects

Do you want to make connections between your racks?
 Our qualified personnel make additional connections in the data centers on request.

Customers with private rooms can lay their own cables between the racks.
We do not charge extra for this.

Twin / Multi data center

Thanks to our many data centers, you can quickly and efficiently install a mirrored or multi-site solution. What is the best guarantee for a secure setup of your IT infrastructure? Choose a twin / multi data center solution in two or more of our data centers.
You can place them quickly and efficiently thanks to the redundant fiber connections.

  • DC-interconnect

Place a server, rack, or space solution in one of our data centers and connect it to the other environments via an interconnect. This is possible with our own solution DC-interconnect and / or solutions from our partners and subcontractors.
Use multiple locations as a backup solution to achieve even better redundancy

Customers can use our interconnects between data centers and cloud environments.
These redundant fiber rings always reach the core switches in our data centers.

If you buy one or more ports on this infrastructure, you can establish a connection between the data centers or preferred cloud environments such as MS Cloud / Amazon etc. To give the infrastructure redundancy right into your IT equipment, you can choose to connect the interconnects to several ports. The interconnections between NHDC data centers provide a secure connection between your infrastructure at an affordable price.

  • Twin or multi-site provides higher security

You can extend this layout completely redundantly via our Internet access. This way, you can be sure of secure data storage, and you can easily develop a private cloud solution.
A twin solution can also help your company recover your IT systems after a possible disaster.

  • Together we create tailor-made solutions

NHDC data centers do not only provide the infrastructure for multi-data center solutions. We are also happy to help you with tailor-made consultancy . Our partners can help you set up and maintain a secure setup in relation to Norwegian laws, regulations, certification requirements, compliance, and other requirements i.e. Uptime Institute, ISO´s and Carbon neutrality for example.

Disaster recovery

Several data centers and networks might provide solutions against total loss of data services. By establishing redundant connectivity between our and / or other data centers, you can effectively implement solutions for rapid disaster recovery. With data centers in various locations, NHDC is the ideal partner for quickly and efficiently setting up  cost-effective disaster recovery solutions.

  • Full redundancy also on networks

Thanks to our DC interconnect and / or via the solutions of our partners or telecom operators, you can easily connect to their solutions in our data centers.


The dark fiber connections to the DC interconnect go in a ring between the data centers. In addition, customers can make a redundant connection to this interconnection via our internet access. In this way, you achieve  a seamless solution that you can develop in a redundant and secure way.

  • Tailor-made services

NHDC data centers do not only provide the disaster recovery infrastructure. We are also happy to help you with tailor-made advisory . We and our partners can help you set up and maintain a secure solution in relation to Norwegian laws, regulations, certifications , compliance, and other requirements.

Build your own or combine

We have many good references and satisfied customers

NHDC with partners, designs, and delivers a wide range of certified solutions and services within servers, racks, private rooms, twin, or multi-data centers, build your own, etc. References on request.

NHDC and partners provide complete solutions

We understand and agree on business drivers and ensure, among other things, requirements for:

  • Economy/finance
  • Reliability and design according to relevant standards
  • Capacity and cooling solutions
  • Safety and security
  • Building design
  • Internal data center layout
  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Efficiency requirements
  • Integration with district heating / solar cell systems / monitoring solutions etc.
  • Certifications
  • Suppliers

We make

  • 3D models and images, animations, CFD (computational fluid dynamics).
  • Budgets etc.

New built data center

NHDC assists you with site selection and verifies that selected sites meet requirements and needs for:

  • Commercial parameters
  • Technical requirements
  • Infrastructure power, fiber, water, etc.
  • Planning and authority requirements
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Sustainability and social responsibilityFinansiering


We have contact with many financial institutions that are interested in financing technical equipment and infrastructure et. al.

Solutions for international entities

NHDC offer Edge Co-location in Oslo providing local presence for international companies in the cloud- or networking industry. With extensive experience from this market, we can offer flexible solutions for a variety of different solutions. NHDC is operator independent and can offer reliable connections from most operators in Norway.

Our location is central, close to downtown Oslo and is easily accessible from Oslo Airport (OSL). NHDC can also assist with building the perfect room or cage for your equipment and assist with installation, remote hands, connectivity and security.

Contact us and we can sort out what we can do to help you achieve your goals.


NHDC offers tailored network services

IP Transit (BGP)

Available speeds:

  • 100Mbps
  • 1Gbps
  • 10Gbps
  • n * 10Gbps
  • 40Gbps
  • 100Gbps

Handover places:

  • Oslo
  • Stockholm
  • København
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • New York
  • Singapore
  • More on request

Internet access

NHDC’s internet services are designed to meet companies’ different requirements for security, speed, and service. The fiber-optic broadband network is connected to all national interconnection points in the Nordic region. This means that we can tailor solutions that are cost-effective, secure and of high quality. Our service levels guarantee that you get help when you need it.

Internett Advanced

NHDC Internet Advanced is a flexible, fast, and secure Internet access. The solution is stable and reliable, and is especially aimed at companies with a large and constant need for Internet communication, e.g. due to their own web servers, VoIP servers or other applications that require large bandwidth at all times. With Internet Advanced, the business gets a scalable solution with symmetrical bandwidth and dedicated access to the Internet. Scalability means that NHDC can upgrade the solution as needed, from 10 Mb / s to as much as 10 Gb / s. NHDC Internet Advanced comes with great performance and availability guarantees, and you can choose between different SLA levels. Internet Advanced can of course be delivered with IPv6 addresses in addition to IPv4 addresses, i.e. a so-called dual-stack solution.

  • Oslo-London 15ms round trip (RTD)
  • Stockholm-Oslo-London 22ms
  • Oslo-Amsterdam RTD 19.8ms

EoMPLS (L2 VPN), point to point connection with Ethernet termination

Corporate network – multi-service network for companies
NHDC IP VPN is a multi-service network that makes it possible to gather all communication needs in a single network. With NHDC IP VPN, your business has a full-fledged network for transferring traffic from e.g. Cloud providers, ASP / Citrix, IP telephony, video conferencing, alarm systems etc. In addition to benefits such as simpler administration and lower costs, a single network makes it easier to focus on important parameters such as stability and security. NHDC IP VPN gives you an easier and more secure workday.

  • 24/7/365 Service Level Agreement
  • Redundancy with MPLS backbone protection
  • Speeds from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • Jumbo frames, up to and above the MTU 9000 are supported
  • DWDM with dedicated capacity

Wavelength (DWDM/CWDM) with dedicated capacity
DWDM from NHDC is a service that provides dedicated and cost-effective capacity for point-to-point connections compared to renting your own, “black” fiber.

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