Tre utskjæringer fra Vikingetiden

About us

Nordic Hub Data Centers is established by people with long careers in the Scandinavian data center industry. Our people have worked for the largest and most serious players in the Norwegian market such as Telenor, Basefarm, DigiPlex, Song Networks / TDC, etc. for several years.

Our state-of-the-art data centers are located close to city centers.

Time is money and we know what it takes to ensure maximum uptime in a data center!

Having experienced how data center construction and operation can be done and not least should not be done, it is our philosophy that in addition to uptime, flexibility that is in proportion to your requirements is one of the most important attributes a data center can have.

This applies to different needs for redundancy on electricity and cooling, as well as the level of security around your equipment, but also flexibility on contractual terms and conditions, such as contract length, volume / quantity per kilowatt and square meters.

Few other data center providers offer customers a contractual right to reduce the footprint or volume of services provided over time, if the need arises.

By adopting our services to the customer’s needs, you are protected against paying for overpriced “over engineering”, but also avoid paying for capacity you do not use.